This is the

Fabricators Duel 

Whether you’re the fabricator or the fabrication, no matter if it’s a shop, a home, a mini truck or your life, everything starts with the foundation. When building mini trucks is your life, the trucks serve as examples of how you live and your craftmanship.

Everyone goes down at some point, both trucks and people. Poor judgment or poor maintenance, ill-health or sick rust, financial loss or part breakage, the foundation is the beginning of the rebuild, in everyday life just as it is in the mini-truck automotive business.

The foundation for every custom automotive creation is the chassis. This is the basis of the comeback. 

Witness the life expressions of talented fabricators who’ve poured a lifetime of blood, sweat, and gears into custom automotive careers as they square off in a heavy metal contest known only as of the Fabricators Duel, to handcraft the ultimate mini truck chassis.

The reputation of each mini truck automotive business is on the line. An amazing truck duel will showcase side-by-side three custom chassis before your very eyes. Master fabricators enter the arena and battle it out to lay claim to the title of Mini Truck Chassis King.

The foundations for this seriously rad custom automotive contest will be laid down at the Fabricators Duel website

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Who Will Be Our Mini Truck Chassis King?

Who Says Mini Truck Can’t Be Rad Again

A friendly competition of automotive fabricators across the globe come together for one goal, create rad builds. Who will be the Mini Truck Chassis King?

– Auto Nerd Media